You can contact us via phone or email, whatever you feel more comfortable with. Either way, a Claims.International member will contact you as soon as possible

If you choose to send an email, which we recommend regardless of whether you call us or not, it’s extremely important to include these 3 main details:
– The name of the fraudulent company you were involved with
– The date the transaction has happened or date range
– The amount of money that has been transferred
*Any additional piece of information from the history of your
relationship with the fraudulent company will help us help you.

At first, a Claims.Internationals’ representative will ask you to give him as many details as you can about your case, so he will be able to clearly understand the issue and calculate the odds of winning your case (mostly winning against a dispute)

If he finds out your funds are barely recoverable or entirely unrecoverable, then he will let you know we cannot handle the case. Under no circumstances we will take a case we think is unmanageable and of low chances to win, we are highly experienced at calculating the odds, and we won’t let our experts to work 24/7 on a futile, unlikely-to-resolve case. The more information you’ll give, the higher thechances of winning your case will be. As simple as that.

The Information you deliver us should include all the correspondences with the fraudulent company as well as the bank statements that prove the transformation of the funds

Regardless of the situation, our experts will do ANYTHING legal to get your money back. You have our guarantee that they will take a massive amount of action against the financial authorities for you.

Our experts have a broad industry knowledge and know exactly how to address the financial authorities by speaking their language and convince them to cancel the transaction due to its fraudulent nature.

YOU Get Your Money Back